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Thursday, March 26, 2009.

choco-cows no longer valid.
pinkiedotz has replaced it.

see yeah there!
add me to read friends only post :D
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Tuesday, March 24, 2009.

I finally realised how God has transformed me.
I finally know what is it.
Looking back at my old self and looking at myself now,
how I have transformed on the inside (maybe on the outside too!).
Thank God for answering my prayers. Praise the Lord!

My heart no longer wants to store up those sinful hatred,
all it yearns for is love- to love others and to be loved.
My heart no longer knows what is unforgiveness,
all it yearns for is forgiveness- to forgive others and to be forgiven.
My heart aims to be more Christ-like,
to love my neighbours and my enemies,
to forgive those who trespassed against us,
to show love, care and respect for people,
to not judged others,
to not gossip...
and so much more.

With God all things are possible.
I wish the whole world would agree with me.
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Sunday, March 22, 2009.


sigh they just wanna kill all our passion for music.
can't they just leave out the pop music?
poor us. or is it poor pop?
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Thursday, March 19, 2009.

My arms, legs, stomach, ribs hurt.
The worst i have ever encountered. I had to roll off the bed.
Nevermind the pain i'm going through right now, at least I have learned something valuable from that terrifying PT. That is, endurance, focus and team spirit.
The year 5s were definitely more united than us. All of us know this, but we just didnt say out loud.
Am I ashamed of this. Yes, totally. No one is to be blamed. Somehow, we didn't have that chemistry and didnt bother bonding with each other. But we are definitely much bonded than we were last year during the March training camp. Definitely, and i'm sure everyone will agree with me.
Now whenever i feel like giving up, i will think of the people around me, and the consequences of giving up.
This PT has made me look at the bigger picture and stop being so selfish.
I won't just care about myself anymore. I must think for others, their pain and troubles.

I wanted to give up during the stomach thingy... Candice cheered me on. Jiahui, Vanessa and Jedaiah's scolding were encouraging. My body was shaking throughout. I prayed while doing it, I prayed that God will give me strength and help me stay focus. I thank God for his presence. (i definitely wasn't sleeping. i was closing my eyes while praying!) And i'm really glad i didn't give up. felt a sense of achievement. Furthermore, felt good that everybody persevered on for each other. :D

The run was good. Most of us didn;t stop at all! :D Good work guys! The beautiful sunrise was even much so wonderful during the run. God's work of art is perfect. The pink sky and white fluffy clouds-- they are all so beautiful.

All in all, camp was great! Good work planning comm! :D And i'm sure everybody is thankful to the teacher who made it hell for us. I for one appreciate that teacher's committment and effort. We definitely need that standard and branding.
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Sunday, March 15, 2009.

"Who do you think you will keep in contact with after your graduation from DHS (SH)?"
asked Geneve.
A very good question indeed.
I have the answers in my head,
and i hope that the number of people will grow, and that includes boys and girls. Right now i think there are no guys? hahaha.
This's something you guys can ponder about to.
Who are your true friends? Who are those whom you will call randomly just to check out how they are doing? Who are those whom you will go to in times of need?
More often than not, only less than one third of the friends we have are those that we will still continue to stay i contact with. Haha that's a sad truth. But looking on the bright side, isn't it better to have few but loyal friends? I will rather have that.

Today, the MEP gang went out for the Mosaic concert.
thought last year's one was sooooo much better.
Didnt really know how to appreciate this one. the music just went in one ear and out the other.
The double bassist was good... the pianist not too bad... the drummist didnt have much virtuosic parts for me to go woahhhhh. so yeah... last year was much more fun in some sense.
During the concert, my mind drifted to this question.
And i thought, yeah i think i will still hang out with the MEPers even after our graduation.
We will probably attend concerts together (our usual class outings), have a dinner and take random photos.
That is also probably the only times that i will specially go buy a concert ticket. Hope that even as i graduate from school, i will continue to attend concerts like once in awhile and not totally shutting myself off from the music scene.
Had a hilarious dinner with some of the MEPers, with the convo going into jeff's supposedly hairy chest and some blind cellist? Rather interesting topics with some awkard silences here and there. But that's usual. hehe.


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